"I found myself struggling with the Intro 6.0 course by myself. Having an instructor and classmates enabled me to learn so much quicker."  

Justin MacInnis
OpenStudy User


Instruction on Your Time
An additional 6 hours of video lectures performed by a Teaching Assistant from Georgia Tech will help you understand programming.

Instruction from a Top CS Program
A Teaching Assistant from Georgia Tech will hold live, online office hours everyday, answer questions and review additional problems sets. 

What's the Format?
The office hours and problem set reviews will be held in the private Study Group on OpenStudy. Problem sets and 10 video lectures will be provided through email and OpenStudy.   
Who it's for?
The work shop is for people who want to get more out of MIT OCW 6.0 Intro to Computer Science* course: learn more, learn faster.
What's Needed From Me?
Time commitment for the course is approximately 15-20 hours in one week. 
Do I Get a Certificate? 
You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

Classroom Community
You’ll join a week-long private Study Group with a limited number of students who are eager to learn computer programming. 

Real World Programming Experience
12 additional custom problem sets and solutions that are more applicable to real world problems. 

 Get Months Ahead in Programming In One Week 

This is a work shop that provides supplemental instruction and content for the MIT OCW 6.00 Intro to Computer Science* course delivered by a Teaching Assistant from a world class university.

Click here to sign up for the workshop.   

*This course is not affiliated with Massachusetts Institute of Technology or Georgia Institute of Technology.